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I’m little but im coming for the title  

Hi my name is Fran im girl living on earth expressing myself thru short films, fashion & this blog. i get creeped out rlly easily on tumblr and my block list is 4 pages long

other than that, i listen to rihanna unapologetic on repeat everyday. Live in the best city in the world, Los Angeles. i plan to move to nyc. big fan of pools, fall, and nostalgic photos of places ive never even been to. I feel like Im the worst so I always act like im the best. My life is like the TV show My so called life. 

Im working on launching a shop on etsy or storenvy, so if anyone has any needs/wants/desires of clothing that could appear on that shop—beep me! 

/tagged/iamacoolpersonlol123 is my face tag 

ask me anything!